ABOUT Hynership

Hyner shipping is an International freight forwarder; Ocean import and export between China and North America

Who are we

yabo152.net is alocal company that was founded in 2014 in China. This young, entrepreneurial organization was formed of employees who possess vast professional experience in global transportation spanning in excess of ten years.

Why Choose Us

1. 10 years professional ocean service between far-east and north American.

2. One-Step solution for your business.

3. Flexible schedule for import and export.

4. Competitive rate with market oriented (fix rate or floating rate).

5. Good relationship with various ocean carriers based on direct contract.

6. Direct contract with trucking company for all US and Canada states.

7. Professional brokerage service for all US and Canada import and export cargo.

8. Multiple language service and personal care for customer’s satisfaction.

Business Area

We are strongly focused on serving customers throughout Canada and the United States, and provide extensive professional international transport services across a global network. Our comprehensive offerings include booking, warehousing, customs brokerage, consignment pickup and delivery, packaging and labeling, insurance, fumigation and many other value-added services.

Core Value

We work hard to deliver cost-effective, accurate customized solutions that enhance your participation in the global supply chain, save your money, enhance your product offerings and help you to develop a solid value chain that gives you the competitive edge.